Undereye Circles Revisited

So last week I decided to try and take on those pesky under eye dark circles.  I have always had a problem with these and have tried sooo many products and I really didn't see many results.  So I decided to test two products; one on each eye.  Check it out here. 


Only nine days later I took all the makeup off and asked a very close friend who had never read the blog, "Do my under eye circles look different from each other?"  She said. "Yea, the one on your right looks lighter and less sunken in."  Well the winner is.... It's Potent Eye Benefit Cream.

I noticed that the Benefit dried quickly enough that I could immediately move into my normal makeup routine while the Clinique was so light and runny that I had to fan it dry.

Also,  the eye treated with benefit had fuller skin with less wrinkles whereas the other eye was still full of tiny wrinkles and creases.

Go get yourself some!  If it doesn't work for you, Ulta has a 60 day product guarantee and they will give you back a full refund!


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