Starting a Blog

Well its 7:30 pm on a Thursday in June.  This means a couple things.  First of all, my grown-up job is being a teacher so I have a nice little break until August; meaning that I have to fill my time with something so, today, I chose to do a curriculum writing workshop (boring) which allowed me to hangout with grown-ups all day (yawn).  Second of all, it means that Jeopardy is on and looky-there a contestant is from St. Augustine (my hometown).  Go STU! (Singer, songwriter?...probably why he needs to go on Jeopardy.) 

So sitting on my couch wondering what was going to keep me busy this summer, while reading The Small Things Blog, one of the best blogs I have ever read (recently getting me into blogging), and also petting my little darling, Pixie, I decided that I would give this a try.  I cannot promise anything, at all.  I love to online shop and I have Internet ADD so this should be an interesting adventure. 

Oh. Here's my room mate:

I totally forgot to mention the love of my life, Jason Lynn.  We met way back in 2008 and have been dating for 3 years!  We are engaged and are tying the knot on December 22, 2012. (The day after the world ends I have heard.)  I am debating whether The Wedding gets its own tab on the blog, its 30% of all I think about so it is tempting.

Jeopardy is over now but I am currently enthralled in a titillating conversation with my MOHO (matron of honor) over shopping, husbands, and all that we learned from credit cards.


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