Do it Yourself Laundry Detergent

Finally! I am going to dive into DIY home solutions.  I have been wanting to do this for so long, and since Jason and I just started our home together, I figured this would be the perfect time to start. I am going to start my adventure with laundry detergent.  I love the idea because you know exactly what you are washing your clothes with, you can pick your own scent combinations, but most of all, it is extremely cost effective.  I didn't really how cost effective until I actually dove in and tried it myself...HERE follows my experience. :)

First, I perused Pinterest and other google searches until I found a recipe that matched my need.

1.  Clean smelling laundry.
2.  Stain removal.
3.  Cost effectiveness.
4.  Large amount.
5.  EASY, low commitment. :)

I adjusted the recipe I found because it made 5 gallons and that would last me and my tiny family about 5 years so I chose to adjust to make about a gallon. 

Here is what you need:

2 2lb boxes of Baking Soda 3 5 oz bars of Fels Na…

Undereye Circles Revisited

So last week I decided to try and take on those pesky under eye dark circles.  I have always had a problem with these and have tried sooo many products and I really didn't see many results.  So I decided to test two products; one on each eye.  Check it out here.


Only nine days later I took all the makeup off and asked a very close friend who had never read the blog, "Do my under eye circles look different from each other?"  She said. "Yea, the one on your right looks lighter and less sunken in."  Well the winner is.... It's Potent Eye Benefit Cream.

I noticed that the Benefit dried quickly enough that I could immediately move into my normal makeup routine while the Clinique was so light and runny that I had to fan it dry.

Also,  the eye treated with benefit had fuller skin with less wrinkles whereas the other eye was still full of tiny wrinkles and creases.

Go get yourself some!  If it doesn't work for you, Ulta has a 60 day product guarantee a…

Homemade Chikfila Nugs!

Picture this:  It's Sunday afternoon, still to early for dinner but you are definitely needing something to eat.  You squint your eyes look up to the right and tilt your head, (This is what I do when I think about food), then you realize, "MMM Chikfila would be amazing!" A common mistake we all make at one point or another, NOOOOO Chikfila is closed.  Upon this happening to me last Sunday I decided to scour the Internet and look for my own recipe for that 12 count nugget.  Of course, my search began on Pinterest, the end all be all of idea finding (and time wasting). 

I found this recipe and decided, yep, I am going to try this. I made some changes so pay attention closely.  I in no way am perfect in the kitchen, so make changes as you see fit.

Things you will need:

2 skinless and boneless chicken breasts      
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 1/4 cups flour
2 Tbsp powdered sugar
2 Tsp of salt
1 Tsp of pepper
Olive/canola/peanut oil

A couple hints on this:

I did not soak the nugget…

Flavorful Corn on the Cob

Something interesting about me? I love corn! I will eat corn anyway it could possibly be cooked; so you should find it surprising that up until a couple weeks ago, I had NO idea had to make corn on the cob.  It was on sale at Publix so I bought a whole bunch and thought, "Yes, I am going to learn to cook this".  I have to admit, Jason helped me create this recipe. (But I cooked it all by myself.)

Seriously, I am not a chef, but this is so do-able.  You can choose any spices you like and the great part is, since you used olive oil, you don't even need to roll the corn in butter! It gets so juicy and flavorful!  (Of course, butter always makes things better, so adding it is totally allowed.)

Okay if that wasn't easy enough, then I don't know what is!  Here is a little bit more description.

1.  Put your rinsed/husked piece of corn on a square of foil.

2.  I chose to put on olive oil, garlic salt, and seasoned salt. I could add these 3 things to anything and make it …

Running Trails

This weekend I got to go visit my in-laws.  Always lots of fun and good food to eat!  One of my favorite things to do is run so, of course, Jennifer (sis-in-law) and I convinced Jason to come with us.  She wanted him to come because she wanted to spend time with her brother, I just wanted him there in case we had an unfortunate encounter with a snake.  Entrance of the trail? Photo op!

I did not look this good, nor was I as fresh looking four and half miles later.  Jason wasn't to happy either.  I love running because I always feel that sense of accomplishment; like I want to karate kick- chop the air and say, "Take that fat! How do you like that?"  I don't feel like the whole time, usually around mile two I think to myself, "Why do I enjoy this? Why am I doing this? Is it worth it?"  Then I finish and I feel amazing!
Not only do I get to run when we go visit but Debbie (Jason's mom), Jennifer, and I get to go shopping! We don't just mosey on to the …

Two Under-eye Products To Think About

So, summer has started and I am wearing less and less makeup each day.  Living in Florida its so dang hot and once you have that summer glow makeup seems superfluous.  When I do wear makeup I wear solely Clinique.  I have very sensitive skin and I have tried all those "sensitive skin, all natural, bare" makeups, nope, all have caused crazy breakouts and a cycle of bad skin that takes weeks to undo.  My main problem is these darned dark under-eye circles.  I always put on my clinique concealer specifically made for under eyes and dark circles and I will not leave the house without it on.  Well, I am tired of it!  I searched many blogs and online reviews of under eye creams and who really knows what works? So, I did what any product-loving girl would do...I went to Ulta.

Well, there is just to many choices.  I don't know why I thought going there would EVER be a good idea, unless I knew EXACTLY what I was going in for.  UH.  Well, I got a nice little bag full of stuff. I a…

High Five for Friday

Oh my goodness, the first Friday of summer. Well of course this has been a good week.

1.  Discover card has double cashback today so I am taking full advantage and buying this Kate Spade handbag that I have been drooling over all week.  I called their customer care and the lovely ladies at Kate provided some extra off, making this bag, well, mine.

2.  Markdowns at Target were so good this week! Got myself a very cute pair of shorts for only $5 dollars!  (Pictures to come)

3.  I started my blog and hopefully more than 2 people will read it.
>>>Stay tuned for a post I've been thinking about doing forever, to come tomorrow!
4.  Summer is here! I will be teaching summer school for three weeks, only 4 hours a day and I think I like it better than nothing all day.  I get home at 12:30 and I am what?  So then I go running!

5.  I am going to Jason's parents for Father's day weekend so I get to run the trails with sister-in-law!
Playing a little Congo Ri…