High Five for Friday

Oh my goodness, the first Friday of summer. Well of course this has been a good week.

1.  Discover card has double cashback today so I am taking full advantage and buying this Kate Spade handbag that I have been drooling over all week.  I called their customer care and the lovely ladies at Kate provided some extra off, making this bag, well, mine.

2.  Markdowns at Target were so good this week! Got myself a very cute pair of shorts for only $5 dollars!  (Pictures to come)


3.  I started my blog and hopefully more than 2 people will read it.

>>>Stay tuned for a post I've been thinking about doing forever, to come tomorrow!

4.  Summer is here! I will be teaching summer school for three weeks, only 4 hours a day and I think I like it better than nothing all day.  I get home at 12:30 and I am like...well...now what?  So then I go running!

5.  I am going to Jason's parents for Father's day weekend so I get to run the trails with sister-in-law!

Playing a little Congo River putt-putt with my sis-in-law.


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