Running Trails

This weekend I got to go visit my in-laws.  Always lots of fun and good food to eat!  One of my favorite things to do is run so, of course, Jennifer (sis-in-law) and I convinced Jason to come with us.  She wanted him to come because she wanted to spend time with her brother, I just wanted him there in case we had an unfortunate encounter with a snake.  Entrance of the trail? Photo op!

I did not look this good, nor was I as fresh looking four and half miles later.  Jason wasn't to happy either.  I love running because I always feel that sense of accomplishment; like I want to karate kick- chop the air and say, "Take that fat! How do you like that?"  I don't feel like the whole time, usually around mile two I think to myself, "Why do I enjoy this? Why am I doing this? Is it worth it?"  Then I finish and I feel amazing!

Not only do I get to run when we go visit but Debbie (Jason's mom), Jennifer, and I get to go shopping! We don't just mosey on to the country store; we make our way around all the good stores and find all the best deals!  Debbie is the woman you want to call if you are looking for any coupon, for any store.

Don't we loook nice.

(Those are my new shorts from Target, $5!! I am very excited.)

Then we played with our hair.

What a fun day in at the in-laws!


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