Two Under-eye Products To Think About

So, summer has started and I am wearing less and less makeup each day.  Living in Florida its so dang hot and once you have that summer glow makeup seems superfluous.  When I do wear makeup I wear solely Clinique.  I have very sensitive skin and I have tried all those "sensitive skin, all natural, bare" makeups, nope, all have caused crazy breakouts and a cycle of bad skin that takes weeks to undo.  My main problem is these darned dark under-eye circles.  I always put on my clinique concealer specifically made for under eyes and dark circles and I will not leave the house without it on.  Well, I am tired of it!  I searched many blogs and online reviews of under eye creams and who really knows what works? So, I did what any product-loving girl would do...I went to Ulta.

Well, there is just to many choices.  I don't know why I thought going there would EVER be a good idea, unless I knew EXACTLY what I was going in for.  UH.  Well, I got a nice little bag full of stuff. I am going to stop pretending that I am upset about this now.

The two products I have chosen for the showdown are Cliniqe all about eyes and benefit It's Potent

How will I test to see which one works better?  Well, on my left eye I will use the Clinique and on my right eye I will use the benefit.  I will post updates and let you know which one actually works.

Both products are a cream consistency and have 2 oz of product in the cute little jars.  (however the benefit jar is cuter)  I have noticed the benefit is a little thicker and the Clinique takes longer to dry and really "soak in". 

Ulta was doing a promotion and when I bought my cute little "It's Potent" I also got these three great products to try.  An added bonus! 

So here it with no makeup...why am I putting this out for the world to see...I guess to keep the integrity of the product showdown.

Remember the grand purpose of this is to make those half moons smaller...hopefully one of these products really works!


  1. It will be interesting to see if either product really works, and yes I will buy whatever one does the better job!! Good Luck Erin!!


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