Flavorful Corn on the Cob

Something interesting about me? I love corn! I will eat corn anyway it could possibly be cooked; so you should find it surprising that up until a couple weeks ago, I had NO idea had to make corn on the cob.  It was on sale at Publix so I bought a whole bunch and thought, "Yes, I am going to learn to cook this".  I have to admit, Jason helped me create this recipe. (But I cooked it all by myself.)

Seriously, I am not a chef, but this is so do-able.  You can choose any spices you like and the great part is, since you used olive oil, you don't even need to roll the corn in butter! It gets so juicy and flavorful!  (Of course, butter always makes things better, so adding it is totally allowed.)

Okay if that wasn't easy enough, then I don't know what is!  Here is a little bit more description.

1.  Put your rinsed/husked piece of corn on a square of foil.

2.  I chose to put on olive oil, garlic salt, and seasoned salt. I could add these 3 things to anything and make it better.

3.  Pour a fast line of oil on the cob, then sprinkle the spices generously. Wrap the corn up like a burrito, making sure that its tight and won't leak in the oven.

4.  Cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  YUM! You WILL LOVE this corn.

Watch out later this week because I made homemade Chik-fila nuggets to go with this corn!


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